My name is Patrice, I live on Reunion Island, a French overseas department located in the Indian Ocean, 10,000 km from Paris.
Orange on blue interests me, the contrast, the duality, the return to the simple line

lively and mischievous from childhood.
I mainly use acrylic paint, pastel

The aero bomb and everything that comes to hand...
I am lucky to live on a beautiful island

A sort of mini-world where the powerful and wild nature is a great source of inspiration.

I like the marks of human passage left here and there

Urban or far from our cities...

Witness scratches , they ask the question of how we impact our world on a daily basis.

All my paintings are unique copies.

They have a solid attachment system at the back (stainless steel cable).

I use professional quality canvas and paint.

The sides are painted white or black, all you have to do is hang it.
Each work is hand painted, varnished (gloss), signed and dated on the back 

(signature on the front on request)
A signed certificate of authenticity will be provided to you.  

Do not hesitate to contact me for a personalized work or for any other question!